When I found Dr. Barr, I had been stuck, bent over for about 8 months. I was a work comp patient that no other doctor in town would help. I found Dr. Barr through an ad in our local paper and told him about my situation. He agreed to meet with me later that week. I had never been to a chiropractor before and was a little nervous. The first time he saw me his jaw dropped. I could not stand up straight, sit comfortably or lay flat on the table. I was a wreck! Dr. Barr built up pillows under my stomach and tried to adjust me. He had told me that it would not be a quick fix. I started coming to see him 3 days a week and we included traction. The treatments were painful at first but soon I started having less pain. It took almost 7 months to get me up straight and out of pain. Dr. Barr never gave up hope that he could help me. He also would not let me give up hope. He gave me my life back, and a job. I’m now his office manager and tell everyone I know how chiropractic care is a wonderful thing.

— Codi

Dr. Barr helped me a lot with laser therapy for my braces. Not a lot of people know that it helps with the pain. I come in after I have them adjusted and it helps move them quicker. Its great.

I went to six different chiropractors before I found Dr. Barr. I felt that only 1 had helped me, but I had to see him 5 days a week for 14 months. I was pretty messed up when I started seeing Dr. Barr. I had been in two auto accidents and had pain in my knees, ankle, feet and low back. I had trouble getting around and would have to lean on things when I was standing still. He also treated my posttraumatic stress. Now I can work out and I get around really well.

— Dale O.

I came to Dr. Barr with a diagnosis of herniated disks. I was miserable. Surgery was recommended, but I declined. After the first visit my pain virtually disappeared and I have continued to improve with each visit. I am even barrel racing again. Dr. Barr gave me my life back.

— Nancy

Dr. Barr is a chiropractor I was referred to on 09-13-05 due to a work injury and severe scollosis. I found Dr. Barr’s competent, skilled service to be fulfilling. He is a master of healing. I have my family attending his office for health needs as well. He is skilled in nutrition as well as biofeedback treatment for post trauma stress related disorder. I definitely recommend Dr. Barr’s chiropractic services and will continue to be under his care. I love you Dr. Barr,

— Jill Baker and family

I woke up one morning and my face was paralyzed. Six days later I couldn’t stand the pain. I call Dr. Barr and said I can’t stand the pain in the ear and temple, can you please help? I came in that day. After leaving there to go back to work I was able to close my eye and didn’t talk like I had a marble in my mouth. Three weeks later I was back to normal. Other people told me that it would take a month to a year to go away. He has also helped my daughter with the pain of her braces. Now I recommend Dr. Barr to everyone.

— Anonymous