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5/27/19 – New faces in the office! Meet Tola Levison and Lidia Britton

Supporting the community 5/18/19

12/19/18 – Dr. Barr showing off his new Erchonia laser technology.

11/13/18 – Fire Season has Returned
California has suffered so much loss, here we are again with smoke in the air. Thank you fire fighters for all you do. Lets come together again to support those in need.

10/8/18 – Baby Brooklyn
Did you know Barr Family Chiropractic is open on Saturday? We are, and sometimes you will get to see baby Brooklyn learning the ropes. We start the training early.

9/30/18 – Office Pizza Party
Everybody loves pizza!

9/8/18 – Plenty of Fish in the Sea
Dr. Barr loves ocean fishing and is good at it!

9/6/18 – This Chair is Just Right
Brand new massage chair going into the waiting room!

8/24/18 – Friday Night Fish Fry
Dr. Barr knows how to show his staff and friends a good time! Friday night we all headed to the doctor’s house to enjoy a fish fry. The food was great, the company even better.

8/23/18 – Where there is smoke, there are fire trucks…
On my drive to work this morning I followed a line of fire vehicles, most were from far away fire companies. This is our reality right now, smoke in the air and fire trucks on our streets. I will not complain about all the extra traffic, they can take all the time they need to get where they need to go.

We would like to remind the fire fighters from near and far that we are offering half off chiropractic care. We are forever in your debt for saving our communities from California’s largest wildfire.

8/21/18 – Birthday letters for September are in the mail today!